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From law students to recent graduates to associates to partners to staff, Pierce Bainbridge P.C. is always looking for the best of the best. We are building a law firm that is greater than the sum of its component parts. But that means the component parts must each have something special, love working as a team, and have an insatiable will to win. In the special operations community, this kind of unit is called a "force multiplier" because it doesn't just bring out the best in conventional forces, it has an exponential effect. We strongly believe the same occurs on the litigation battlefield. If you hunger for this kind of environment and have something special to bring to a litigation force, there is a place at Pierce Bainbridge P.C. for you.

While we are eager to recruit those from the most elite law schools, law reviews, government positions, and clerkships, we also know that many of the best litigators can't be seen on paper. If you were born to be a trial lawyer and love being on a team, please come talk to us.

You will find opportunities at Pierce Bainbridge P.C. you will find nowhere else. You will get to try cases (a lot). You will generate business. You will work with clients. You will lead teams. You will make firm strategy. You will wrestle with the most challenging legal issues. You will make law. You will collaborate in a way you never thought possible in a law firm environment. You will be compensated based on your contribution to the firm the way equity partners are compensated at most firms. And best of all, you will enjoy the thrill of victory. Our platform is a fighter jet for the trial lawyer's mind. Focus on the law and the facts, not your inbox, every day.

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