Pierce Bainbridge is Investigating Claims Against AT&T For Sale of Customer Location Data


As one of the nation’s largest wireless service providers, AT&T has access to tens of millions of Americans’ highly precise location data, and can access—and allow others to access—that data on demand without alerting the targeted customer. Public reporting has revealed that AT&T has been selling access to its customers’ precise location data to the nation’s largest data aggregators, as well bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, prison officials, low-level law enforcement, landlords, and debt collectors. AT&T’s acts allow these third-parties to track AT&T customers’ real-time location data—often within just a few meters—using only the target’s cell phone number. This practice exposes AT&T customers to ongoing privacy violations, unauthorized use of their network data, and the risk of stalking and harassment.

AT&T’s sale of its customers’ location data is an egregious breach of its customers’ privacy rights and a violation of federal and state laws. AT&T’s actions are particularly outrageous given its promises to its customers that it would safeguard their data and that it would “not sell [their] personal information to anyone, for any purpose. Period.”

While individual FCC commissioners and more than a dozen U.S. Senators have expressed outrage at AT&T’s acts, the government has yet to take any public steps to right AT&T’s wrongs. The elite class action team at Pierce Bainbridge is looking to vindicate AT&T customers’ rights through class action litigation, and secure a binding cessation of AT&T’s privacy violations.

If you signed up for cell phone services with AT&T and believe that your location data was wrongfully accessed and your privacy violated, you are encouraged to contact Pierce Bainbridge for additional information about your legal rights and options. Please leave your contact details below and a Pierce Bainbridge attorney will contact you. Information submitted to Pierce Bainbridge attorneys through the form below will be kept confidential.


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