The Firm

Pierce Bainbridge P.C. is a state-of-the-art litigation law firm dedicated to the lost art of combat by trial.

Pierce Bainbridge P.C. is a top-tier litigation firm that is changing the way companies and individuals approach major disputes. We are relentless, creative, and aggressive, and we’re always on the hunt for strategic and tactical advantages that can benefit our clients and secure victory. Our team is composed of the finest trial lawyers from the best law schools who were trained at the biggest law firms in the world. We know how to win – and that’s what we do best. We provide our clients with a high-stakes litigation force to vindicate and protect their rights.

We approach every case with unparalleled dedication, precision, and creativity. We learn our clients’ business, understand their disputes, analyze our opponents, and do everything it takes to obtain the best outcome possible. We know that litigation can be expensive, so we strive to handle cases in an extraordinarily efficient manner without compromising the outstanding quality of our work. Unlike our competitors, we’re always willing and able to devise creative and unorthodox fee arrangements that take account of the business needs of each of our clients.

What Makes us Different?


Our lawyers do what they are best at on every matter.


Our culture, technology, and organizational dynamics transform the way lawyers work together.

Trial Ready.

We plan for a fight to the finish in every case.

Open Source.

We collaborate and swarm to make the best argument at the decisive time.

Pierce Bainbridge P.C. uses innovative technology and disruptive organizational principles that were pioneered in the startup ecosystem to obtain the best litigation result on the modern-day litigation battlefield. From our agile project management and cutting-edge courtroom presentation to state-of-the-art mock trial techniques and effective and efficient electronic discovery tools and more, we give our clients every possible edge in the high-risk, uncertain world of high-stakes litigation.

Pierce Bainbridge P.C. was founded on the principle of passing this kind of efficiency on to our clients. We provide the same high-quality service available from other major law firms but at lower cost to our clients.

Our team of elite law firm attorneys have won at every level, and in every practice area, representing plaintiffs and defendants, Fortune 100 corporations, startup companies, massive investment funds, and high-net-worth individuals. No case is too small or too large, too simple or too complicated.

Pierce Bainbridge

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