About Us

We are the world's first true next-generation law firm. Built from the ground up for the digital age, we have one mission: to decisively win our clients' most complex litigations no matter what it takes.

Our Culture

Relentless. Precise. Agile. Resilient. Collaborative. These are some of the cultural traits that make the most elite special operations forces so lethal. The founders of Pierce Bainbridge P.C. understand that complex business litigation today requires precisely the same skill sets. We travel light, think with lighting speed, see the strategic imperative, and deploy key assets as force multipliers. We stay on the initiative and we attack. We use predictive coding, open source, and embrace swarm tactics. Doing so allows us to apply the facts to the law more quickly and effectively than our opponents to accomplish a single objective: win.

No matter the odds, we do what it takes to ensure that our clients' mission-critical litigation objectives are achieved in a way that decisively supports their larger business strategy in the market. The trial lawyers at Pierce Bainbridge P.C. seek out the toughest challenges, thrive on competition, always work as a team, and fight to the finish. We are the sharp end of the stick.


If you are a dynamic, aggressive litigator who loves to win and be part of a team, then Pierce Bainbridge P.C. is the place for you. Whether you are a recent law school graduate or an experienced attorney, no firm can match our unique culture and merit-based compensation structure.


We treasure diversity — not merely for diversity's sake but also for the intellectual weaponry that different points of view bring to the courtroom battlefield. Our trial lawyers come from every walk of life. It is a core principle of our firm and always will be.


To whom much is given, much is required. Trial lawyers enjoy a great privilege in the opportunity to advocate for clients at bar. It is incumbent upon us to return society's favor. Pierce Bainbridge P.C. helps to lead the way through pro bono activities and promoting rule-of-law initiatives.

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